Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday...and the writing life

Hi dear readers - today I'm going to skeddadle down to Peggy's Cove where The Rock Walker is set and do some rambling - get some feel for it again since most of my writing on this has happened when it has been too icy to do so. My writing pal, Gwen, is coming late today - not until 2 pm so I'll just go for a couple of hours and then come back and see if I can get

2 thousand done. That'd be good.

step-dot's beeeyoootiful egg

and of course some tulips


Cindy said...

Hi ya, Jane! I'm sorry, I didn't know I was supposed to tell you what I wanted, I was going to leave it up to your crazy jane way! A book you have written? Now that would be awesome, to have a book from a real writer that I "know". LOL!!

Jude said...

Please tell step-dot that the egg is beautiful! Did you have fun doing them? What were the other results like? Sounds like it must be a nice day out there - here too, waiting inside for the accountant to phone so missing it.
Love ya,