Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

And the sun didn't really shine and the dog didn't mind and we made lots of food and all the kids were here and Judy. Two men who used to be all squishy and loving in my arms and are now big galoots. Two step-kids both full of being teenagers and knowing everything worth knowing and then some, three grand-children all racing around the house finding the clues and finally the baskets and my daughter-in-law being her calm self and my step-kids mom bringing over the yummiest moussaka and hot cross buns and the dog too happy with all this action. And yes I always get into the tiniest bit of a freak out wanting everything to be VERY nice and I even ironed the nice merimeko springlike cloth and the tulips all new and kind of prim and more flowers from Bones and Shelley - purpling ones and Jake on his guitar playing riffs for all and step-dot all layered with camis and skirts over pants and so on looking luscious with little black dots next to her eye - when I asked her "why do you have dots next to your eye?" she replied "why don't you have dots next to your eye?" and I had a gin and grapefruit juice before they came so I could calm down and so on. And after when us oldies were sitting around the table and the three youngest were outside blowing bubbles then they called for their Grampa to come and take them on this very special ramble up the cliff that they particularly like him to do and he did for quite a very long time. And did I tell you it was all good. Just enough Martha with quite a bit of Ma & Pa Kettle. Perfect really.

I even wrote a bit this afternoon though I'm still not nearly caught up. Oh well - have a totally free day on Tuesday. I'll get there this week. I'll finish the rough this week - just practising saying that. The rough'll be done this week ya. Then it's on to the first edit. Like gardening so.

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Cindy said...

oh, I like that -- just enough Martha and quite a bit Ma & Pa kettle -- that would be our family! hehehe!

and the rough will be done this week? oh that's exciting news!