Genre: Literary Fiction

Status: finishing the final revision and heading to my first readers.

Summary - Libby had it all - smart husband, work as a doctor at a busy clinic, and a couple of sisters who kept their distance. All that changed when Palmer, her husband, was hit by a car and suffered a brain injury. The dad she hadn't seen since she was eleven came back into her life. She's lost the man she loved and now everything else is in peril. Oh yes, and some crazy First Nation's healer has claimed her as her spiritual heir.

The Rock Walker

Genre: Mystery

Status: having a final polish
Summary: RCMP officer Kitty MacDonald is beset upon. Her mother is harassing her to give up work and be a lady of leisure. Her husband has been gambling and her boss is giving her nothing but crap assignments. Then she gets involved with a strange case. Winn Sparrow is a rock walker down at Peggy's Cove making sure that tourists don't get swept off the trecherous rocks into the ocean. Thing is she found a baby on one of her patrols. A few days later the mother is found at The Dory Motel. Quite dead. Kitty gets the case and knows that all eyes are on her. Will she be able to untangle this mess of art, yachts and dead party-girls?

 Earth Bound

Genre: Mystery

Status: nearing end of the first draft

Summary: Corporal Kitty MacDonald is sent to Annapolis Royal on a murder investigation. A man has been found planted in the heather at the Historic Gardens. Liam Bell has racked up quite a few enemies in this small town. And not a few lovers. Kitty is trying to untangle all the knots when the killer strikes again. Kitty has help with nine year old wonderkind Fiona. Has she put her new pal in danger?