Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Writing Life

...near as I can remember I started this compulsive writing spree on March 11th and today is the 14th so let's just go from
March 14th : 47,744.
April 14th: 76,722

That is a total of 28,978 words in one month. I owe ya 1,022 by tonight and we'll call it a deal! That'll put me at 77,744. A incredibly mere 2,256 words from my end goal of 80 thousand words. OH boy I can taste the beer that is waiting for me at the end of this marathon. Yah boys - a Guiness! A real Guiness! Should be there by Friday at the latest except I have all these pesky work obligations and I have to go talk at step-dot's school on Friday for Peace Day cuz I'm a Buddhist and we own peace doncha know? OK I'll quit farting around now and get my thou done. Don't know how cuz really what I've been doing is writing the scenes on little cards cuz I am sort of lost as to exactly what goes where - mysteries apparently have to make some sort of sense. jeesh.
And here it is: 77,794 – April 14, 2009

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David Alan Richards said...

Impressive, Jan.

If you put it all together in an uncut manuscript, that would be 155 and a half pages.(!)