Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riley - 9

Hannah - 7

Sawyer - 4

hi all - especially Liz in PA! It is 5:30 AM and I am writing you because what the heck am I doing up this early? I got the four am frets and thought I'd rather not lie in bed beside my sweet patootie fretting. I'd rather get up and have a cup of tea and write a bit. Today I'm off to take care of my grandson Sawyer - as I do every second Wednesday. I have to leave at 6:15 and as you know - it snowed like a bastard here the last couple of days and so I want lots of time even though I understand the roads are PERFECTLY clear. Thought for today I would post a pic or two of my gorgeous grandchildren...ignore or enjoy.


Jude said...

I love the fact that you can frame your words with such lovely photos - or your photos with such interesting words. Hope you day was a good one.

Liz in PA said...

OOPS, sorry I do not have a Blog!

But I surely do enjoy reading Blogs belonging to many other people!
.....As my son likes to call it:

Really cute grandchildren! We are previleged, arn't we? I have 3 grandchildren: Carl 18,
Sarah 17, and Anna 12. They live a distance away, so I do not get to see them very often.
And you know what? The stinkers are growing up way too fast......just like my own did!

Time in a Bottle!

Liz in PA

labanan said...

Hi Liz - yep I found that out!! So do one deario. It is way fun and you don't have to write everyday! Your grandkids will love it.