Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Writing Life

update: 60,648 – March 26, 2009

Er....OK I owe ya a thousand. well really five hundred since I did extra on the weekend. I couldn't write yesterday - I was gone from six AM to eight PM and then had a terrible headache and had to watch part of the last Cracker season.
So today I will write at least 1500 but can't do it right away because - ironic music here - I have my writers' group! And I don't work on my novel in writers' group. Let's not go there OK. I love it - we've met except for a short hiatus since '93. It is five women who I adore and we do some writing and a fair bit of eating and yacking.

One thing I did do yesterday in the writing vein is start a couple of mindmaps on The Rockwalker. For those of you who don't know what mindmaps are I will explain in a later post maybe even find a link for you. I use them for most creative projects at some point and with a mystery they are very handy. The thing is my protagonist in RW uses them too so I describe the process somewhat in the book. I also went through the index cards I made the other day of every chapter and wrote down a list of burning questions. Like 'what has X to do with this story?' and 'a red shawl is mentioned in Chapt.1 - why?' etc...

So my dearest readers I will leave you now as I have to fly.

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rusty said...

Crazy Jane, I love it, it is so you, it's like listening to you. You are the ultimate writer for me. Driving home in my rusty Honda I thought of my admiration for your talent. rusty can be my name.