Thursday, May 29, 2014

Work and work again

I am zooming along with this polish and actually, of course, adding somethings I thought missing. Just a wee bit here and there. How did I know they were missing? I went to my old stand-by - my beat sheets - I created new ones - not elaborate - just name of chapter, point of view - that's all I need at this point to know what it is having worked with this manuscript so long. I just ran my eye down the hand-written sheets and put a little spiral mark beside each chapter I thought needed a bit of work. About five of them. They were all pretty new chapters - done in the last go around so maybe are, as Wikipedia
says, stubs!

Soon they won't be.

I'm still having fun with this wip. Still loving it. All good.

Tomorrow I have something very fun and interesting to share with you all - do come by for a visit and meet a new friend.

And here is a photo from my walk of an hour ago. If you lust for a new poem there is one on Sojourner with lots more photos.

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Hart Johnson said...

Sounds good, Jan. Did I tell you I adopted your beat sheets for editing? They work great.