Friday, May 30, 2014

Wherein Far Far Away Comes to Visit

I received the oddest letter the other day. I won't say an owl brought it because that beggars belief but an owl may have brought it! At any rate this delightful person (?) by the name of Far Far Away brought it to me. He has dropped by my drinking hole for a tipple. I will serve him partridge berry wine as I'm sure to convert him. His desire, besides friendly company, is to tell my regulars all about his lovely scheme. Well, you know, he does it best so I'm going to let him. Let me just say he has a wonderful and quirky view of both his and our world and I think you better start dropping by his tavern on Mondays and Fridays to hear the stories he has collected! You can drop over to Far Far Away right here.

A warm welcome to Jan's tavern - and what a tavern. It is adorned with some wonderful imagery of your world. I was telling Jan just the other day that it is bizarre how you allow bears to run around naked ("bares", if you like). In my world they join us in the tavern dressed to the nines in their waistcoats. Regardless, it is an impressive image - almost as impressive as the automatic writing machine at the top of the tavern.

Before I get onto the point of my visit, please allow me to explain a little bit about myself. My name is Far Far Away and a few months ago I was involved in a conversation with two gentlemen who claimed they had visited a circular world. They alleged they were able to travel all the way around in a matter of hours... by flying of all methods! I heartily laughed along with them before slowly inching my way to the safety of the door.

Regardless, their imaginations made me realise that there is plenty of entertainment to be gained from real life. From that moment, I vowed to see what stories could be published by simply retelling the lives of those in my world.

I wrote literally thousands of letters, asking my countryfolk to send me stories of their daily lives and destroying my tongue to stamp-licking in the process. Many of them wrote back and, after many months of compiling the letters into chronological order, I have finally been able to form several short stories.

I will be releasing these letters every Monday and Friday over at my newly-built tavern, starting on 2 June, 2014. I would be eternally grateful if you could join me on release day to celebrate the release of these stories, the first of which I recently announced was entitled The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People.

I hope to see you there and, once again, my utmost respects to Jan for being such a gracious landlady. I look forward to visiting here again.


Far Far Away.

PS I am led to believe that Jan doesn't serve my favourite tipple (elderberry wine), but rest assured that I will be leaving some behind before I return home later.
Tales from Far Far Away is a parody of popular fairy tales written from the perspective of the main characters and taking the form of many letters all written in some truly dreadful handwriting. Your fond childhood memories of popular folklore will be erased when you enter a world of poisoned apples, hapless heroes and drunken horses, with the occasional nod towards pop culture. The first letter is due for release on 2 June, 2014 and a new letter will be released every Monday and Friday thereafter.


Liza said...

FarFar is getting some good publicity.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Fun site! And your opening line to this post would start out a great story, too! :)

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, I love this, Jan! And I love the idea of those letters - so creative!

Jan Morrison said...

Liza - yes, I believe he is and I think because the idea of reworking fairy-tales from the point of view of the characters delights everyone who hears of it. I don't know who this fella is but he is a pal of Lee's (Arlee at Tossing it Out) and that is good enough for me!

Thanks Elizabeth - I will think on it. I love fairy-tales though have never attempted them myself.

Margot - isn't it just and he seems a very interesting person - we shall see.

Susan Kane said...

This will be great.