Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Writing Life

It's Sunday - 11:42. I finished my first thousand -
47,744 –March 13
48,791 – 1st session – March 15, 2009

That's a copy from the first page - that's how I do it. I write for awhile - whizz up to the top of my manuscript and check out the word count. So this first thousand is for yesterday. Now I owe a thousand for today and as it is Sunday I'd like to do a spare thousand. But not now. Now I'm going for lunch - just into the kitchen.
oh...the dog came back at dinnertime last night. Did I tell you that already?
AND now my second by 2:40 pm - 49,831 - 2nd session

going to take Hoagy for a walk and get some of this nice sun in my head...then one more session!
Ah Hoagy walked. Now alot of that ice is gone and is now MUD. Mud isn't excellent for walking in but it beats ice all to shit.

LATER dear readers...

And my last session - rather light but I end with 50,385 which means I wrote 2,641 words today! ta da! If I only do 359 tomorrow I'll be still good.

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