Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Questioning

It's the A to Zed Challenge! I'll be posting the first half of the month from Ottawa where I'm staying with my youngest and his partner and their newest - a little guy who was born the end of March. Yay!

Theme? Writing and Life is what comes to me... how to balance the writing life with the other tugs you may have...

The ABCDEaria of the Writing Life -

Q is for Questioning

Questioning what you question? Everything. Ask and then listen. Actually listen, then ask,then  listen again. Yes - make your question the filling of a listening sandwich. Lots and lots of listening. Asking questions bugs the average person but that is because often the question is just a way for the questioner to insert their own ego into the mix. But questions that arise from deep listening are questions that might scare the recipient a bit, but will be rewarding for both parties.

Not so long ago when I was an undergraduate (yep, that wasn't that long ago - late bloomer) I had an English prof who taught our small Honours 16th century Literature class very well. Each of us was expected in turn to come with THE question for the class. It was a brilliant way to work (thank you Dr. Huebert!) and we all learned so much from that exercise.

We should question everything after scrutiny. Of course we aren't questioning ANY THING - we are questioning the people who appear to be in charge of those things. So we might need to remember to be respectful.

How does this help me in balancing out my life? Well, a person who reflects and then questions needs to extend that to themselves no? I need to question why I think I have to do certain things and avoid other ones. I need to question my commitments, my choices, my schedule - everything!

Here's the wee fella I am missing so much. His father, my youngest, asked so many questions that I paid him quarters to be quiet for stretches of time when we moved across the country on the train!


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - This is so important - to be able to question and to be open to doing so. Questioning is one of the dispositions that move us forward I think. As you say, questioning needs to be supportive and respectful. But we have to learn to question. And that includes questioning ourselves and our own assumptions.

Bish Denham said...

My father, a brilliant man, taught me that questioning is the only way to learn. If you don't know something, ask. If you don't understand, ask. If you are confused, ask. The wise or smart person knows what question to ask when.

Liza said...

We grow when we learn. We learn when we ask.

I love coming back to these pictures. Your grandson is so sweet.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

So important to ask questions! I've gotten better about this as I've gotten older.

Sweet grandbaby!

Anonymous said...

Questions are good, but questioning everything can get to be tiresome, becaus even good answers raise new questions!

Great to see you again, it's been a long time.

Melanie Crouse said...

This is beautiful, and so is that little one. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like your point about asking questions and then listening for the answer. You show your intelligence by asking the question. You show your humility by listening to the answer. Sometimes the answer doesn't come in an obvious form that you can hear but if you're looking for it I believe you get what you need. Awesome reflection! - Shelina (A to Z participant)