Monday, February 3, 2014

Bright Angel checking in

Hi All - which is probably just me at this point - but I like to keep a bit here so I will remember what I was up to later. Yes, I use my blog as a log - how bizarre you say? Works for me.

I finished a big revision of Bright Angel last night. Today I started what I hope is the final revision. Hard to say but I am mostly happy with the balcony view - the structure, the plot, the characters etc... and now want to be down on the floor fine tuning the language, eliminating saggy words, tightening and brightening. I went at the first few chapters this morning but I'm mostly flexing my muscles and reading about this stage of revision. Getting ready - putting on my marathon clothes and doing lots of leg stretches if you know what I mean. Do I? Know what I mean? Yes! I'm sneaking up on it. I'm terrified. There. Now you know. Plus I have to work on all these short sentences. Yes!

My plan is to finish all of this including brightening up my synopsis and get it out to some agents by March 1st.

Here is a picture of me this morning - I took it, of course! Who'd you expect? Bella?


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - You look so snugly bundled! I wish you well finishing up those edits!

Liza said...

Happy to see you here! Hope the work goes well. Revision is terrifying, but rewarding when you get it right. You will.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan :)

I just sat down to write you a letter and wondered what you look like North North North! This picture answers all questions. You're working so hard. Yikes!


Words A Day said...

Hi missus ice queen :) - I banned myelf from the internet but cant resist sneaking a look at my blog friends news, I love that photo, and good luck with coming down of the balcony ! I'm first drafting, a mass of wonderful confusion x

abbwa said...

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Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Is that frost on your hair? I thought I was the only one still suffering through winter! Great pic!

Glad to see you're taking part in the A to Z Challenge this year. My name is Cathy Olliffe-Webster and I'm one of Alex J. Cavanaugh's minions for 2014. Just hopping around blogland and seeing who's participating and who's not. Happy to see you're prepped and ready! Have a super month and stay warm!