Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sticky Bits

I wanted to have a good draft to send to my second readers by tomorrow. I'm nearly there but I have a sticky bit. What is a sticky bit? I think it is when I know that I have to put something in and take something out. Or no - it is that I know somewhere in my mind/heart that there is a different piece I have to add but I can't quite work out how to do it. Like putting in another staircase or a bathroom when the space isn't plumbed. Damn - you wish it could happen without having to take everything apart and having an ungodly mess but you know, deep down in the basement of your soul, that the mess has to happen.And you keep trying to see if you can trick the process - play it differently - if this time - just this once please - that you can finagle it. But no.

The Sweet Patootie is over fixing something at his Uncle's house. My sister-in-law is busy with something she's up to (she's here selling books) and Bella had such a good walk # 1 that she is exhausted - at least for an hour or so. My letters are written, it isn't time for piano practice so I think the universe is telling me to go for it - write and get it over with or started or something. Move or die - the universe is saying. Don't hesitate, don't try and put a fix in. Just let 'er rip and see what happens.

Do you all know what I'm saying? I bet you do.

This is the opposite of a 'peaceful easy feeling' like the Eagles promised. But it could lead somewhere good.

I'll report on what happens - in the meantime here is another gratuitous photo - the Mealy Mountains and some floating islands taken this morning on walk #1.


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I love that 'photo! A great reminder of the peace and calm that is out there. And I agree - as much as you might want to plan, plan, plan, if you just let it flow with that sticky bit, you never know what will happen.

Liza said...

Lovely photo. Jan, sometimes when I know I have to make a change like that, I wait for a while and ponder it. After a few days, sometimes a week, I sit down and the answer has already formulated itself in my brain...and it isn't hard at all. It just comes. Best wishes, no matter whet it takes to make your story work.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a cup of tea ans rolled your sleeves up..