Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm here, I'm connected and I'm writing ...

Oh bother technology! A little churlish to say that when I'm using it and as anyone who ever took an undergraduate course in anthropology knows almost everything is technology - a bent wire fishhook is technology! So bother electronic technology then! And bother it right here while I'm using it to tell you thus!!

I've been here eleven days. I've written every work day that I've been here - usually two or three hours. I've written thirteen letters and mailed them. I've taken out about nine books - some are read and back again at the wee library. I've knit a hat with cunning little earflaps stuffed with mohair so I don't get too frost bit. I've put away things, found places for things and cleaned things. I've made two batches of bread, several casseroles and other dinner items. I've practiced the accordion once and the piano several times. I've walked between three and four times a day on the beach in all weather and at all times of the day. I've taken easily near two hundred photos - mostly of the beach - and many of which I am VERY happy with. I've figured out what my square design for next year's Prospect quilt is going to be and I've had a VERY nice time with the Sweet Patootie as well. Absence does make the heart grow fonder!

SP, Bella and I went to the gravel pit one day and roamed around in the woods looking for partridge berries. Last Sunday we took Bella to find this waterfall SP had heard about. We didn't find it but we went way down this trail in the woods and saw copious amounts of moose poop. Bella caught a rabbit twice. The second time poor SP had to put it out of its misery - the rabbit not Bella. I guess she won't starve should we ever lose her.

Now, as this is my writing site and you can check out my Living the Complicated Simple Life site here for details on how I'm doing in other parts of my life I will talk a bit about the writing.

It is going fine. I got through a whole revision for a particular issue and am now attending to another issue and am nearly through once again. I think I need to do a language edit - I am trying to do it as I go but I think dedicating myself to it would be good. I already have a pretty good synopsis done (wow, I never thought I'd ever be able to say that!) so after my second readers have at it I will start sending it out.

So what's the problem? Nothing really. I'm just scared I will fritter my life away on the internet now that it is back in my life.

Back to it then! And for those of you whose blogs I usually visit - I'll be coming over soon! Put the kettle on.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Hi Jan! Sounds like everything is going great--writing, baking, relaxation! Hope y'all have a wonderful time.

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So glad to hear you're settled and writing again. What beautiful 'photos!! Looks like Bella is having a good time! Good to hear you're 'wired in' again!