Monday, July 13, 2009

living in the micro-macro - cosim

John Wayne has left the stadium. After debating how he was to go because I knew Ron was sad at dispatching a friend - he decided that he would do the deed. That it was better to go at the hand of a friend than that of a processor's. I feel like I'm a slow learner on this aspect but I'm starting to get it. I will not become a vegan - being a vegetarian is difficult enough for me - and I see that even as a vegan I would start to wonder at who's expence did I get my corn chips, my tofu burger, and so on. Any agro-biz involves these difficult choices as does living period. Would I become one of those lovely obsessed loons that only eat what falls (given) from the trees and plants. Perhaps I would become like a Jain and wear a mask to keep from inhaling smallish creatures - but then could I walk in the woods? What I now know for certain is that if I want my fresh eggs from happy cruising birds there will be culls and deaths of roosters. If one of the two new peeps turns out to be a roo - we will try everything to make sure it is a nice one but I'm not having another attack bird for anything.
I'm going to the daycare this week to set up groups of five kids coming up to collect eggs and see the tinies. Couldn't do it before.
I miss his crow though. I do.

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arlommoen said...

On Thursday you can listen to the new watch I received for my birthday. It crows.