Friday, July 3, 2009

little gaffers

just put out the littlest gaffer to ramble in the weeds with her sister and ma, aunts and MEAN dad. She - hmmm...jackmo I'll call her ...seems to be doing alright. She was out yesterday and Ron brought her in after about an hour as she tuckered out and sat down in the grass peeping. So back into intensive care overnight and on chest this morning while I lay in the downstairs bed - she just peeped low and nice and we had a very good chat about having an older sib who thinks she's so smart and how this one has other dear qualities - maybe she doesn't jump over every little twig but needs to waddle around them like the tiniest penguin but hey! That's endearing eh?
I'm going to drive step-dot to her pal's for the night and when I get back see how she is doing.
John Wayne attacked me about four times today! I hate that guy! It is definitely time for him to go to freezer camp!!
later my dear readers.

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Anonymous said...

Don't think I can stand to hear about John Wayne..