Saturday, May 16, 2009

Step-Dot's Birthday and lyrics came to me and ...

Today is my darling Step-Dot's 14th birthday. She's at her ma's but Ron and I rousted her and took her for lunch. We went to a favorite middle-eastern place called Tareks and had a great feed. Then we went to the ONE sewing place in town and I got some needles and threads because I'm making a doll! Then we went to the ice cream place on the way home that opened at noon today. Wowza! I love ice cream. I don't want to think about it mind but I love it. Plus I've been a virtuous born-again vegetarian all week so a little ice cream must be allowed. Also I walked the Hoagy and wrote 2 thou on new book. And just now - just this last twenty minutes or so, I wrote the lyrics for a song that I needed to write for the play I'm directing. I have a great woman to sing it and I wanted something a bit more uplifting than the actual play which is...ahem...rather...dire. So I wrote it and sent it to my pal Dawn who will jam some musicality into'er and what a good day. Ron's working on the canoe - then he's going to get a steak because he wants to torture me, the reluctant vegetarian but n'yah ha ha - I bought some big ole giant mushrooms (what the heck are they called?) so I foiled him. And I'll make some onion jam and he'll make chips and I'll make a salad and yehaw - who could tell we are having a rough time! No one that's who because my dear readers, as many of you have helpfully reminded me of - this stuff stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's just stuff and we need some of it - like the canoe so we can go commune with the whales but we sure don't need all of it. Heck we really don't need much of it. I like our bed though. And the canoe. And food is nice.

So later my friends. And just for those of you who want to keep track - the novel I'm working on is number four. Number one is in a drawer, number two is half done the first draft, number three is The Rockwalker that I've been mostly doing this last few months and which I will take up again when Ron goes to Labrador on Thursday for two weeks.

This is a pic taken of my step-dot and her ma at Easter! what a dish wha?


Liz in PA said...

Do your novels have titles?
..or is that something that the publishers get to pick?

#4 - Yippee! Carry on! ♥♥♥

....Your a Taurus, same as my hubby...on the 17th


Liz in PA

labanan said...

Hi Liz - oh no - I name them. I suppose if someone wants to publish one they might suggest something different but it is my call. My first one is "Feckless", my second "True", the third "The Rockwalker" and this last one I don't know yet - the working title is "Zeballos" but it definitely won't be called that.
It is too amphorous right now to get a name - a real name that is.

labanan said...

Happy Birthday to your man!