Sunday, May 31, 2009

some this and some that...

hello there dear readers! What's up? Did you have a nice weekend - what did you do?

OK - enough of that. I'm reporting for my beating. Well sort of. I want flowers and a beating if that is alright with you all.

  • didn't write on Sojourners
  • not a word on it
  • didn't even think about it much


  • did spend quite a bit of time on The Rock Walker
  • thought about it lots too
  • started putting in chapter holders with short descriptions of what is needed. Like it.
  • I long to do nothing but work on this book. I am in the action.

there - I have confessed and I am shriven (whatever the heck that means - come on you Christians - tell me!)

Now I'm going to have a soak cuz my back is bothering me...and then as Maggie Muggins would say - tomorrow is another day.

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