Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Writing Life

73,000 – April 7 - so on the 7th of April I have 7 thousand words to meet my goal which should occur next Tuesday! wooha! Of course I may want to go to 90 thou depending on how it is shaking down.

Thought I'd quit on a nice round thousand number. Been picking away at the writing and the thinking and the desk and got all sorts of stuff done. Paid a parking ticket, called folks I owed calls to, made appointments, got a letter ready to mail. Life is good.
I AM TERRIFIED ABOUT TOMORROW THOUGH. The more I think about it the more aggravated and nervous I get. 18 is too many for a perfectly straightforward group. For youths with disabilities it is ridiculous. Ah well, nothing to do but do it. And I have to drive to Dartmouth - euuuuuh!
Talk to you dear readers tomorrow.

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Jude said...

Anyone that can write 73,000 words can handle 18 kids, why not have them write the last 10,000 words for you? They can determine the outcome of your book, if not the outcome of their lives!