Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Writing Life

hey dear readers! I did my 1,000 and more words today - don't have the exact number cuz I did it on my laptop at work and don't want to plug my external drive in because things look a little sketchy. OK - I'm scared of that DARNED BIG VIRUS that everyone warned me about and I just went on Prairie Woman and I got a big scary message that something bad was in there. I have to wait for my sweet patootie to come home because it is just like if a bat flies into the house. I simply can't do it. I can't deal. I'm an immediate dope. OK. And knowing the problem as it happens is not half the problem solved. It just isn't.

So - I'm on track since I did 2 thou extra on Tuesday. Think it's 68 thou.Now I'm even with myself but still messed up with everything I have to readjust - I'll save that discussion for an earlier hour.

Love you dear readers! Hi Liz in PA - glad you're hanging in there with me. All my gal pals respond to my insomnia reports - I mean did anyone ANY female one that you know personally sleep in February???

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David Alan Richards said...

Hi Jane,

If you're talking about the Conficker network worm, which I think you are, you can go here to a BitDefender's website to get a free, simple software tool to see if you have it and if you do to remove it:

Good Wishes,