Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the not writing part of writing

"whacha doing?" "nothing." "well- want to do sumpin?" "nah."

I'm mulling. I'm actually writing. Right now I'm writing all the time. I'm writing when I'm driving the car - thank god the radio cacked a couple of weeks ago so now I'm not distracted from my writing while driving (don't worry family members - I'm being careful). I'm writing while I'm cooking and cleaning and walking and sleeping and even ahem...yes even ahem. I'm writing while I'm watching a zillion episodes of The WestWing which I adore for its incredible sharpness and expansive love and isn't that what politics should be? I am not writing while I am with clients. I am grateful for all my clients and do try and be present with them.

Next week - starting on Tuesday - I'm going to a friend's small cabin near Peggy's Cove to do the next bit - the revision bit. I will write and walk the paths my characters do. I am meeting with a person who is professionally connected to the legal system and she is going to help me with my cop stuff. I want to get it as right as I can without friggin' up the story. I will take Hoagy and my laptop and my cell and lots to eat and some reference books and big pieces of core board and pushpins and index cards and coloured markers and whee-haw!

Now I'm going to haul my grandson away from the box and make him a hearty grandma type breakfast and figure out what we are going to do on this oh so cold and rainy day...

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Jude said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, can I come too? Not only productive but revitalizing!