Sunday, April 19, 2009

Madame Butterfly

Yesterday, after I finished the marathon (being the 80 thou rough draft), I didn't have a Guiness. I went to the opera instead. Almost the same - rich, complex, inspiring. The opera could be considered less fattening except I went to the opera at the movies and could NOT resist buying popcorn even though it may have caused some feelings of repugnance from my fellow opera goers. I figured, in the nano second it takes me to rationalize the spending of great sums of money on a penny's worth of grains and a bit of worrisome fat, that if I was at the Met for real instead of at the Met through the brilliance of technology that I wouldn't have popcorn but I might have been able to have a Guiness or a champers or perhaps some saki since it was Madame Butterfly.
Dear readeFont sizers this was my very first opera and I am truly madly deeply hooked. I use those particular words on purpose because this opera was directed by the now tragically dead Anthony Minghella who directed Truly Madly Deeply as well as The English Patient and other fabulous movies before an amazingly flagrant case of hospital negligence left him dead.
I have always loved the aria sung by Butterfly in the second act -Un bel di vedremo - although I never knew the translation of the words. And it was stunning to hear it in this setting. So I am hooked. Like my dear dear step-mother I will be setting forth to see other simul-casts of the Met operas. I will be going into a darkened space in the warm spring and instead of raking and planting and those other swell activities - I will sit with other devotees and listen for three hours. And that is good.

Now for the mundane - the day which is. I have a great deal to do: I will rake the yard or as much as I can handle. I will phone a few places to see if I can find a cabin somewhere to go through the next stage of this book. I will phone the producer of the play I'm directing - Any One of Us - and see if she's found rehearsal space. I will see what I need to copy for the week in terms of TA stuff for clients. And I will go to the little liquor store and buy a Guiness in a can. Yep!

oh - the photo is of a painting I did of the amazing sky over the St. Lawrence River...


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