Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Writing Life

62,569- March 29, 2009 - not quite caught up but might be by the end of the day - like to be at 64 thousand by tonight. Like what is happening though! Having great fun with this - obsessed by it actually. Here's another picture from yesterday. Sweet patootie is working on the boat - will be done in a couple of days and in a few weeks we'll be able to take her out on the water. I'm going to try and make a stencil for the transom. He won't let me name it but I can put an image on it. going to look for a kittiwake.


Jude said...

Good morning, just catching up on all I've missed, thanks for having this blog for me to read on Sunday morn. Love you, glad you're happy.

labanan said...

hey ho sis! Been a bit spotty in the blog department lately and the kids arrive tomorrow so don't know how that will be but am so GLAD you read it and comment. I love you!
call you later,