Friday, March 27, 2009

The Writing Life

Dear Sticks, I mean Readers - confession time or rather explanation time. I did write nearly my needed words yesterday but I also pruned. I know that I said I wouldn't prune until I was finished planting but I was wrong. I simply couldn't go forward with this plot that gets more and more complicated (not a problem) without taking out the woody bits - to continue this metaphor - the old dead growth had to go to make room for the new greening. Yoicks! So perhaps this weekend I will wrestle this down and get my missing word count again. Right now I am hovering slightly over 60 thousand but I took out over a thousand. So few steps backwards and a few forward. I feel great - I am working on my novel every day - it's just my obsession with numbers as explained in an earlier blog.

Today - in a minute actually I'm off to work and then have a babe's dinner. ah... so later my deary deary dearios!

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