Friday, March 6, 2009


where-in our heroine goes away in her mind to a more pleasant clime...

How absolutely cliche can one get? The teenagers are bothersome. They are more than bothersome - they are irksome. They are destroyers of peace, harbingers of dissent, unruly and sulky. I wish they'd join the Foreign Legion or take up serious catholocism or perhaps join a circus. Yes. That would be best. But no - they whine and whinge around begging to be let off school trips or given money to go on school trips. School trips - don't get me started. too late. I'm started.

Step-dot starts the whinge-fest by saying that she wants to be let off a school trip that is happening next friday. They are going to the movies and somehow, according to her, I'm sure, impeccable sources, it will take the WHOLE day and if she doesn't want to go AND SHE DOESN'T because it is a stupid waste of time, she will be forced to have what amounts to an all day detention so we should just let her stay home. Oh and the movie is Madagascar and it is in French. OK - just for the record - it sounds very lame - however, darling step-dot has been in academic doo-doo lately. She has failed to hand in assignments, teachers have phoned, there have been complaints about her stinking attitude etc... So lame or no - Ron and I think she should suck it up and go. MAN she would not shut up about it. She went on and on.

Meanwhile step-boy has given us a sheet about a school trip planned for next year - to Greece - for a week at the cost of over three thousand bucks. Staggers the imagination. Easy monthly payments of $300. He'll get a job at a grocery store, we'll get to drive him to it. Etc... oh and just to place him on the scale of studently activity - he nonchalantly told us the other day that he mysteriously didn't get a report card when the others did. Two weeks ago! And when reminded yesterday to go to the office to inquire he said he forgot no big deal but he won't today because he wrote it on his arm.

I say - OK for the past month or so we've been saying, his dad, his ma and me, we'll wait and see how his report card is before we swing the hammer of discipline. So I think he should have a halt to all computer play, all that stuff that fills up his every hour because he NEVER has homework until we see the report card. It seems very obvious to me that if he hasn't brought it home, he just forgot, they forgot to give it to him that these two things MIGHT be connected but no I'm a bitch - I'm getting angry to soon according to Ron - we need to give him another chance to bring it home. So I'm going to do nothing but read my novel and stay away from all Budgells for the next week because I want to smack them all.

The end. I'm going to go sit now because clearly my equanimity is gone.gone.gone.

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Arlo M Moen said...

Are they Budgels or Morrisons ?Cryptic comment for the day.