Monday, March 23, 2009

Frugal Living

I am thinking that I need to address the different parts of this blog. One of them is living simply. What the heck does that mean? I think it means greenly and frugally for me. I have been immersed in various sustainability blogs in the last few days - some that I've been reading for awhile and some that are new to me. I think, just like I post my goals with writing, that I need to repost some of my living simply goals. So here goes:

1. Stick to buying very little clothes buying. After a year of no buying this seems quite easy.

2. Quit eating out during the work week - this means lunches, snacks and coffee. - so far so good.

3. Bath only every second day - that is established and easy.

4. Get garden going - on the calender, plans are afoot.

5. Keep hens - done!

6. Be part of the barter economy - already happening - hats for writing consulting, therapy for wool, and so on...

7. spend more time using my library card above any other card!

8. Make the market a routine.
Oh and newsflash - I just got rid of my phone at work! The thing is riddled with calls from telemarketers, rarely used by my clients or me and when I asked the phone co. if they could put the number on the "don't call" list they said they couldn't for business phones. Why? I asked. I'm not sure. They answered. Fine then - cancell my phone. Done! Feels good.

Alright - enough for now but will keep you posted ...

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Anonymous said...


a word that sits uncomfortably in my mouth... but the no clothes and no credit card thing has been adopted... after all I have Dad as a role model.