Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Signs of Impending Doom or Glorious Salvation!

I sat. I wrote. I have very nearly finished my taxes. I am still in fear of being a grown-up but I'm dealing OK. Maybe by the time I'm 60 I'll be a little friendlier with that side of life. I am going to knit a hat for Val so when she walks Hoagy in the bitter cold, her dear ears will be toasty. It'll be done in Kim's handspun in dark grey and chocolate with maybe just the tiniest bit of cherry popsicle. I'll do it in the style of the one I wear most often - the wooly mammoth. I can't wait to start it. The one I finished last night that I'm calling Heavenly Stash has been desired and promised to Gwen. It is very light but should be warm enough. I just need to sew the ends in.

My dear one is home because he pulled some muscle. Good thing because he definitely could help Trav and I with the stooopid tax shit. And I'll make him a fine dinner of baked beans and home-grown eggs - got 3 so far today.

Later dear reader...

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