Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It is September and my mother would be 102 today, were she with us! There she is in her Easter bonnet. What a babe!

And it is another meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group!  I missed last month's meeting. Too much happening. This summer my fella, pooch and I moved two thousand kilometres with a truck, a station wagon and a trailer packed to the gills. My eldest kindly came to Labrador and helped with the moving and driving. We got to our home here in Nova Scotia and began the unbelievably arduous task of settling back into a home we haven't lived in for five years. We were only here three weeks when we went off, driving, to Ontario, to see relatives and friends, and so the fella could help my youngest with some home renovation. Now we're home for good or bad.

Now I'm down to the process of deep decluttering.  I've been sorting boxes of papers that I haven't looked at for decades. I'm determined to pare down to only the essentials. What a job it is! 

All of this is to say that , no, I have not been writing or submitting.  But I found a treasure in my sorting that I thought I'd lost. It is a letter from the wonderful writer Pamela Frankau, that she wrote in response to a letter I sent her in 1964 when I was thirteen or fourteen. It is a four page hand written letter of encouragement to a young wannabe writer. I'm now a decade older than she was when she wrote it.

I will scan it when I'm set up and share it with you. If you haven't read Frankau she is a treasure! A Wreath for the Enemy remains one of my favorite books.

On other news my dear writing pal Gwen is coming today to write! We are reinstating our long running writing group of two. We write, yack, share and eat. How I've missed her! This photo is from a visit she made to see me in Labrador.

That's it, my lovelies! Hope you are writing or getting ready to or okay with not!


Pat Garcia said...


My office in my basement got flooded ten years ago. I lost almost all of my books. Some very old. BUT as I was cleaning up and throwing out, I found the letter that Catherine Marshall wrote me in May 1982. A very long and personal letter. And strange, it was not even damaged. Today, it is hanging on my bulletin board in plastic wrap so that I can always read it.

Wishing you all the best with de-cluttering and getting rid of what you need to get rid of.

Shalom aleichem,
Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

Anonymous said...

So glad your move went well, Jan, even if it was arduous. I hope you're getting nested in again, so that you can pick up your life. That's a beautiful picture of your mom, too- Thanks for sharing it. Wishing you well as you move to this next phase of your life.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a long move. Cool you found that letter. Treasure it.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Moving is terrible, but good for purging!!! Glad you're all settled in.


Tonja Drecker said...

Glad your move went well, and that is a great time for sorting and finding. It looks like you made some lovely discoveries. Enjoy your time back with your writing friend!

Jan Morrison said...

Pat - how fortuitous! I've never read Catherine Marshall though I have heard of her. Think I'll read Christy.

Margot - thanks for your encouragement. Your friendship is important to me.

Thanks Alex! Looked up The Lost Lending Library yet???

Teresa - every box of books and tchochkas that leave this house is like adding a year to my life!

Tonya - Gwen and I had a great morning. I'm so glad to be back in that routine.

Glass Half Full said...

I am glad you are now back in my province. Yes "my province", in the tiny village you reminded me that I said I could never live in, 30 years ago or maybe 35. See you soon!

Gwen Gardner said...

It’s always fun to get together with a writing buddy (heh, and you can’t go wrong wit Gwen!). Love your mum’s bonnet.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Well done to you all for the move, and then the visit to Ontario ... to help with the renos for your son ... life is full - but you're in ... decluttering and life moves along in your 'new' home; Your photos are great ... love your Ma's bonnet - take care and good luck. Cheers Hilary

PJ Colando said...

thanks for your highly personal and straight forward share. A slice of real life that is worthy. Hope our paths cross again...

I'm a Baby Boomer, too!

dolorah said...

What a fun little vacation! I can't write when I'm moving or traveling either. Too much stuff to see and be distracted by. I usually can do some quick notes though. Good luck with your writing adventures.