Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday - writing day

It is a dark and rainy day. Bella is running in circles around the living room, knowing she isn't going to get a good walk this morning. If it clears later I'll take her but for now she'll have to provide her own home gym. Ha! She just went into her crate and is going to sleep. Guess even she knows.

All in all, a perfect day for writing. This being the beginning of living another year in Labrador I'm going to set some goals today and then pitter patter fly atter!

1. Bright Angel  - finish latest revision by mid-September. The fella has agreed to do a fine-tuning look at it (commas!). Then I'll get a package together and start sending it out. Still considering the Middle Way (what She Writes Press calls their publishing process)

2. Labrador Project - continue to explore how this is going to be structurally - a memoir? Poems, sketches, what? Be prepared to go to Piper's Frith (a Newfoundland writing retreat in October) with my unknowing but lots of draft ideas.

3. Poems - send out three a week starting this Friday.

4. Write script for murder mystery dinner to have here in Labrador -set in 1903 or thereabouts. Easy peasy...

And that is it. Doesn't need to be more complicated than that.
Soon it will be September and I already have that lovely blank notebook feeling.
How about you?

Now, to work!



Karen Jones Gowen said...

"lovely blank notebook feeling" -- wonderful! Love that feeling!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I so respect the way you're really planning your writing projects. I need to re-focus on that.