Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raining Again

I think I shall consider the natural world to be my boss, since I am without actual employment for the time being. When it rains, as it is today, I will consider that a directive from my boss to write. If it is merely grey out (not that common here) I will consider my boss to be saying 'walk the dog for a bit then write'. So today, it is writing for the morning at least and hoping for the usual 'clearing by noon' I will get her nibs out into the world one way or the other.

Yesterday I got a fair chunk of revising done on Bright Angel. I'm almost mid-way and it goes fairly quickly as I'm working off notes from a Beta reader (more like a Epsilon reader really!). Today I plan on going further with that and also to find the first three poems to send out and get my poetry grid up and ready. And what is that you ask? It is a chart of where and when I sent poems out and when I got them back keeps one from sending the same poems to the same literary mags hopefully. Truthfully? Do I think they'd notice? Probably not. Ah well, doesn't help to consider such things.

I have a new poem in my head too. It came to me on the road from Labrador City to Churchill Falls. Foxes and dancers feature. We'll see.

In between tomatoes (pomadora technique of 25 minute jags of writing) I will continue to sort out all the stuff we brought from Nova Scotia to here and where it will live and how to maintain some order.

There then! See you later.

two photos from trip out - 1st - whiskey jack in eastern Labrador sharing our lunch
2nd - Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland


Karen Jones Gowen said...

When I first saw your post title I thought it was "Reading Again" and I was saying to myself ME TOO. I've been reading 3 or 4 books a week, novels, memoirs, writing books-- in between revising my own novel. Funny, because usually I read between my books not while writing them. Enjoy your rainy day!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I think there's something elemental about letting the weather direct what you do. I think it actually has a profound effect on us, even when we pretend to ignore it. And I do love those 'photos!

Joseph Szostak said...

Fabulous Gros Morne. Look at those tiny trees!