Monday, August 25, 2014

Back in Labrador

Hi faithful pals - I'm back in Labrador and quite happy of it though missing my peeps already. It is lovely lovely lovely here - the weather balmy and I spent yesterday (or an hour of it) on the beach just out my door, swimming, sunning and reading. I plan on doing a writing plan tomorrow on this site but just wanted to shout out that I'm back atter.

Both sides of the house in Prospect rented.

boxes everywhere

happy dog

happy working man

a beach

a beach

a beach


Anonymous said...

Jan - Oh, that 'photo is lovely! And I'm happy to hear that you're settled in again safely. I wish you a good season there.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Margot! This morning my desk is back where it belongs - I'm ready to rock and roll and it is raining out - perfect for a Tuesday writing day.