Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Daddio

Today you would've been 88. Every time anyone asked you how old you were you would have answered "eighty-eight clickety-click".At least that's what I think but when I check it out I'm wrong. The call in British bingo slang for 88 is 'two fat ladies' which I never remember you saying. Clickety-click is for 66. hmm... how much else am I losing of what made you clickety-click?

The point is that you were the Grand Master of the Games. Whatever games were afoot you were there. Whether it was bingo on a rainy day at the cottage, bridge with the gang in Colorado Springs, the organizing of the extended family betting commission (you were the Commish) or just figuring out ways to stave off yours or others' boredom - you were there. You were ever inventive, fully creative and always fun with it too. Everything was better if you could make a puzzle or game of it. In the parlance of my work, you had a very developed 'Little Professor'.

Bored kids in your charge - colouring contest!
Had to ride a stationary bike for your back - cycle round the planet figuring out where you were!
Stuck in the car with three cranky kids - spot the red volkswagon and get to choose the next pit stop!

So now my game is - missing my Daddio - evoke him and remember odd details!

So wherever you might be wandering I invoke your spirit and hope that your love of game, of play, of pure crazy inventiveness visits me when needed.

Here's a photo of my Daddio with his pal, John Boulet, figuring out how to make a deck for the cottage without breaking a sweat!

Thanks Daddio!


Jude said...

Thanks, Jan. You can always ask your sibs. We can make a patchwork of memories.
Love you,

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - What a lovely, lovely tribute. I'm so glad you have such rich memories.

Anonymous said...
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Suzanne Furness said...

This is a lovely tribute.

Faith Pray said...

Your Daddio sounds like a king among men. Anyone who can circumvent kid whining with games and joy is a wizard indeed. Hugs to you.

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