Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Tuesday with Gwen

For those of you that may have just dropped by every Tuesday I meet with my pal Gwen and we write. Oh we do other things - drink coffee, talk about everything, go for walks with Hoagy (my dog) and make a nice lunch - but those are the side dishes - the main one is to write. We each work on our own projects and talk about what is happening with them. We use a device called 'a tomato' which keeps us going for 25 minutes chunks and then we move our bodies a bit. We're not spring chickens - we aren't even summer chickens - so the body has to be moved if we want it later for something.

This is a typical Tuesday. Gwen got here by nine -  I made coffee as soon as she came through the door. We drank a cup and chatted about the Writers' Fed meeting she'd gone to, our last writing group (a crit group which is really going good now) and what else had happened since last Tuesday. Now she is at the dining room table and I'm in the little nook off the living room. She's working on a novel excerpt for a grant she's applying to and I'm working on a revision of Bright Angel. We had a crit group since last Tuesday and I met with the person who edits for me so I'm full of piss and vinegar.

We'll stop at 11:20 or so - walk the pooch, eat a decent lunch and go on our merry way. Sometimes the time we write together is just a drop in the bucket of writing we're doing. Sometimes it is the only writing we do all week. The thing is that it is STEADY. Our muses like that. We show up and then they show up. How about you all?

Now I must get to work. Here is a gratuitous photo of the scenery here where I'm living right now.


Stacy Post said...

Happy writing, Jan! Steady is good! I like the photo too. Very nice!

Ann Carbine Best said...

What a great way to carve out time to write -- with a friend to spur you on, and vice versa. And the photograph is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Faith Pray said...

I didn't realize that Gwen Tuesdays were writing dates. I love this idea that you have someone solid and similarly drinking the muse. Lovely.

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Oh, that 'photo is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. And I like the idea of having a writing date. It takes the loneliness out of the work that is writing and adds a little discipline too. Kind of like having a workout buddy.