Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Valid Reason

I have no valid reason that I've ignored this blog. I'm doing okay in this our third abode in four months. I like it really and the poetry has been flowing. I'm more than happy with my writing group which has finally clicked into place - gotten some fresh blood and become an active force for good in my writing at least. Bright Angel is coming along, albeit slower than I would like. So why the silence?

There is something adrift in me I suppose. I'm doing my sitting meditation but not as fervently as in the last few years. I'm trying to get to the gym a few times a week but haven't since my trip to Ottawa. I'm doing great with the poetry but that may be because I am going to the classes and will do what I'm told in that sort of situation - in other words it is not my discipline but an external one.

I think perhaps the move took way more out of me than I thought it would. We should be back into our old and unloved house in the New Year but I don't care. I like it here and don't even miss my bits and bobs in storage (well my gloves might be nice). I'm drifty. I'm aimless. I just feel uncentered. So I will leave it at that - tell all of you who do drop by occasionally that I will be back later. I'm still here - just not sure where here is.
Here's a photo: it is of an art piece floating above the Byward Market in Ottawa. You could pretend that is me waving some garlic at you. Yes.


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - You don't need to have a specific reason for not blogging. I think blogging should be done because one wants to say something, not because one feels forced to do so. But.... I'm so happy you posted!! :-) :-)

Liza said...

Haven't posted since November 16 myself...sometimes it's just not there. Like you, I'm working on other things. As long as there is that, we're Okay...right?

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

We're here whenever you pop up a post! Moves are overwhelming. But I'm glad to hear you like your new place and are still doing the things that are important to you!

randi lee said...

Sometimes some things in life take a backseat for no real reason. There's nothing wrong with that. Just means your mind wants to try something else for a change :)

Jan Morrison said...

Margot - you're the best! I love your support.
Liza - you got that right and there is nothing like the beautiful light of November to keep you and I occupied.
Elizabeth - I guess as we age things that I used to adapt to take longer - thanks for your presence!
Hi Randi - you got that right - but I'm not ready to entirely give up blogging - way too many nice folks.

Faith Pray said...

I'm with you, Jan. Mine is a steady torrent this Fall, with little time for breath and blog. I miss my writerly pals, I miss my haunts and my elbow nudging with friends who know so much of my innards that they are nearly kin. I suppose I'm just writing to say, "gotcha" and peace. You'll find your rhythm and make it stunning, as you always do. Happy new(3rd in the 4th) house, by the bye!