Saturday, January 8, 2011

Satisfying Saturday

Have I mentioned that I don't like it when Sweet Patootie is away? It is so very unfair of me for I am gone at least 17 times to his once and he never whines and moans when I'm away. Perhaps he doesn't miss me? Perhaps he is so happy not to have my busy little brain around thinking of things to do. He can sit around with Hoagy and read books and worry not. Or perhaps I'm a princess and I don't like it when I have to do the chores or deal with stuff on my own? 

I won't burden you with why I didn't sleep well last night - oh sure I will -  just this much - Hoagy's line is bust thus he ran away a few days ago - his line didn't get fixed by the line fixer around here before he left. That means besides Hoagy's regular walks,  he needs to be taken out morning and evening (once before eating and once after) to do his bidness. He didn't obviously do what he needed to do under these constrained outings as he woke me at 2 this morning - running up and down stairs, not mad at deer or coyotes or squirrels or bad guys because not barking - I knew what it was but tried to put it off - no avail. I had to get my pyjamied self into a vest and rubber boots and take the darn thing out. And I'm scared of the coyotes at night when they can see you and I can't see them. But nothing for it.

Then, because I was so awake and could, I almost finished the book I was reading (see thoughts about it on other blog) and most of a Vanity Fair that Kerol had given me. With Johnny Depp. And I got to thinking that the last two thingies in the Vanity Fair with Johnny Depp in them were ...well...lame. The first I could blame the outrageously egocentric interviewer but this last was Patti Smith, people. And it was - euuuuh! He sounded like a pompous git. Then I had a brilliant thought - they were stoned! They thought they were being brilliant but they were just out of their minds on special hash or something. Then I slept. Then I woke up with another blinding insight. Love those insights at night when you CAN'T see anything. Should be a clue. My next one was that even if they WERE stoned - was the editor? That did it. I got up and made hot chocolate and went back to reading about buying pigs.

I was going to go out today and see my grandson play basketball but it was really snowing here and while I knew it wouldn't stick to the road for long - I wasn't sure. I also don't like to go driving around too much on the weekends especially in the winter because I don't have to. And I wanted to finish the revision on True.

And I did. I can't believe I'm even saying this but I did. Did you hear me? I finished it! Tomorrow I'm going to format it for cheap printing or easy reading depending on my various readers' choices and then that is that with that!

I feel kind of stunned.
OK - you didn't have to take that cheap shot.

OTHER NEWS - The Burrow invited me to join their zany group! Go over to BB&B and see for yourself. I'm so touched. I will get to post on their collective site and more importantly exchange critiques. Thank goodness. And they accidentally left stuff up around their process and I read it and it was very, very nice. And I got a good feeling. Maybe that's why I finished.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any image that looked like I do reading in bed but I liked these two so...

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Patricia Stoltey said...

We're having a lovely snow this weekend. I also enjoy this weather the most when I don't have to go out. Poor husband does all the shoveling, too.