Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Challenge

You can't imagine how quickly and how nicely I have gotten my room together! It is really pleasant. My desk is clean and my copy of True sits in two piles as I enter my revision changes. I have my white cup with blue letters spelling CHAP on one side and a pennant with the number 5 on the other. it   Rod MacLean, the complicated, difficult and lovely guy who taught me and many others how to be gestalt therapists, gave it to me many years ago. In a former life, Rod was a Navy Chaplain. Rod died a few years ago and so this is even more of keepsake and I wouldn't have a desk without it full of pens that don't write, etc... Also there is another container for pens, an old sugar bowl with the loveliest shape and flowers on it - flowers the colours of this office, rusty orange and golden yellow.
There are differences because of having Felix live here for four months. I kept the bed as I like to have a retreat from certain snorers and it is nice not to be banished to the basement where it once was. It means the room can double as a guest room when needed - which won't be often - for we find more and more, like us, people want to sleep in their own dear beds! Yay getting old. I only have one desk and one bookcase here - before there were two of each. And I have slightly different things on the walls - less clutter so the treasures can be seen.
Don't think there isn't lots to be done - oh my goodness - I have all sorts of books to bring back up the stairs and files and stuff to sort. That seems endless.
But right now - when I am doing this last revision before the first readers it is a heavenly place to be. Calm, good.
My challenge, dear readers, is for you to make an oasis where you can create. Perhaps you are neatniks and already have a perfectly organized space - then you can spend a bit of time making sure that when your eyes leave the screen they have something pleasant to look at - a photo of a waterfall, an old mustard jar with classic proportions, a little white wooden rabbit that peeks at you encouragingly as you work. If you have too many thingys vying for your attention spend a bit of time figuring out how you might rotate them - not everything has to be out all the time. Clean your space, brighten it up. Even if your space is a corner of the dining room table - make a tray with the things on it you need and that inspire you.
In Buddhist lingo -  the drala - the helpful energy of where you are. Here is something from the Shambhala Training Glossary (that the lovely folks from the Seattle Shambhala Centre created )on external drala:
External Drala: "Invoking magic in your physical environment; how you organize and care for your space is creating harmony in your environment in order to encourage awareness and attention to detail, promoting the discipline of warriorship." (pg 109)


Elspeth Antonelli said...

I have a collection of things which make me smile - some pictures, a signed script, and a few other objects. Once I finally get organized, they will sit near my writing area.

Clarissa Draper said...

I love your work space. I recently got my desk in order and love it. Having it in order helps me write.

Jan Morrison said...

Elspeth - a script signed by who (whom?) aw fiddle sticks - who signed your script?

Clarissa - exactly. that is why I do it - it is all for the writing!

Carol Kilgore said...

I love the energizing colors on your walls. I keep a beautiful seashell on top of the completed pages of my WIP. When I turn around to grab a book or pages from the printer, I see a little sign my BFF-from-when-we-were-three gave me: "I laughed so hard the tears ran down my leg." It always makes me smile :)

Shaharizan Perez said...

This is such a lovely workspace. I really need to follow the principle of the quote above and create a space of harmony and careful thought.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I have a lovely winter photograph of some trees that is particularly beautiful. :)

Mary Vaughn said...

This was helpful and inspiring as I'm trying to make my office more inspiring. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.