Sunday, January 10, 2010


today's pic is a collage of our home - thought that might be interesting to some of you - it is one of the obsessions of my main protagonist - she loves home decorating...

I finished off my fat Saturday with a fat evening - full of talk and good drinks and talk and great food and laughter and talk and oh did I mention we went on line and bought an accordion? Yep, twas that sort of evening. So I will be ready to play some great tune on my Cajun Zydeco Button Box at my niece's wedding this summer! I know she's going to be sooooooo excited! What should I play?
One of the reasons that I love writing fiction is that I want to do EVERYTHING possible or impossible. I want to have chickens and learn to knit socks and dye cloth and make dolls and learn the accordion and to tango and how to make delectable desserts and stand-up comedy and on and on...can't do it! But I can through my writing. I can have characters who do weird and wondrous things and then I'll find out about them and it will SEEM that I have accomplished those feats myself. No, it will! It is sort of like living vicariously through your children - I haven't gone to Croatia and lived there for three months but my youngest son has so VOILA I get to take it on. All magical thinking I'm sure.
How about that my reading and writing friends? Do any of you read or write about wildly different lives because you too want it all?


Helen Ginger said...

Love the pictures and I think you should play the wedding march at the wedding.

A big part of the fun of writing is learning new things - new cultures, new skills, new people, new religions, all of it.

Straight From Hel

Stacy Post said...

Writers must possess an inherent curiosity about the world, or else the writing would fail, no? I've had quite a few eclectic interests myself...and many more I want to pursue. Sadly, knitting is not one of them. (Oh, I tried, I just don't have the patience!)

The house is lovely. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing, Jan!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I am currently writing about a wild woman and having the time of my life. Love your house!

Jan Morrison said...

Helen - I totally agree - I love being in school full-time with no scary exams...
Stacy - I do believe you are quite a bit younger than me - I didn't take up knitting until a few years ago - before that I crocheted but I started knitting because I believe it is good for brain plasticity - plus I love wool. And I'm endlessly curious - I have a theory that curiosity is the antidote to fear.
Elizabeth - a wild woman! Woo hoo - I can't wait.
And as to the house all of you - thank you. My sweetie designed it with my input and built it as that is what he does. I love it to bits and we nearly had to give it up during this recent financial boondoggle so I'm even more enamoured with it. It is very comfortable and simple - insulated concrete forms so very warm and stained concrete floors - easy peasy.

Watery Tart said...

I love your house! Particularly the extra angles in that bedroom, but I love that style.

When I was in Scotland I saw the WILDEST accordian busker... she was an odd cross between punk rock and Pippie Longstocking and thrashed her head like Angus Young when she played, and was FABULOUS. I'd go with something playful. Accordian is a fun instrument, and so incompatible with stuffy music.