Monday, January 11, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

today I brought my camera with me
on my walk with Hoagy...

ice cracks on the shore

looking out Prospect Bay
prayer flags protect our property
my winter garden

Today it is cold and sunny. Good!Hoagy and I walked for an hour after breakfast. I sat this morning and did my chants so I'm good for two out of three and I will write today. I love the sun - I've missed it so. Ron says it has been here - he knows because he is working outside and is completely tuned to the weather but I must have missed it. It seems to make the most enormous difference in my day - my mood. I feel clear and optimistic today - things seem do-able that yesterday seemed difficult. And there are two black cap chickadees at my office window feeder! Hurrah - it took them five days to find it. My home entertainment centre.
Today, I'm going to work on Earth Bound. Instead of all my fussing I am just going to go to the last piece I wrote and work to the next bit. I'll save all that fussing for when I do my revision proper. I'll work from beat to beat and see where I get to.


Helen Ginger said...

I love your winter garden. You have truly been successful at growing snow. I agree with you on the sun. I need the sun, even when I'm inside.

Straight From Hel

Patricia Stoltey said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Jan. Our Northern Colorado day is sunny today, which lifts my mood a bunch. Because of our elevation, the sun is warm enough to walk outside in a sweatshirt instead of a coat, even with all this snow still on the ground

Stacy Post said...

Lovely pics, lady! I enjoyed taking a virtual walk with you. :) Happy writing!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

My mood and energy level are linked to sun. On dreary days, I just want to hibernate. We've had a cold snap in South Florida, but nothing like what is shown in those photos. Brrrr.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

So you get sun today and I get clouds. I enjoyed the photos, so beautiful. Bird watching always lifts my mood.

grrl + dog said...

HOagy loks happy with himself.
Do you just MAKE youself write?

I am getting into an art routine that seems to be helping.

Jan Morrison said...

Helen - yes, I grow snow!. The sun is essential to my mental health. And it can be just the light coming in through the windows. Though being out in it was wonderful.
Patricia - I lived in Colorado when I was a girl - in the springs. I remember the crisp thin air. I spent three months there in 92 as well - Buddhist Bible Camp in northern Colorado. I love Colorado...
Stacy -any time! crunching along feeling the rays - it's grand isn't it?
Jane - ah, Florida. I was there just before Christmas last year - in Naples. Me and one Russian guy were the only ones that went in the water! I love the birds there so much.
Elizabeth - yep the little tweets do me such good. Chickadees appear to be so cheerful - why is that I wonder?
Denise - Yes, Hoagy is delighted to get out in any weather! I guess I just make myself write - I want to though so it isn't like making myself do my taxes! Discipline is joy - it really is.

Jason Lethcoe said...

Beautiful photos! I stumbled upon your blog and left inspired. Nice post!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Jason! Come back anytime. I enjoy writing my posts and love taking pictures. And I really like connecting with folks from all over the place!