Saturday, January 9, 2010


market apples

don't you love the word 'Saturday'? It is such a fat word. It holds promise and freedom and blt's and market and fat saturday paper and TIME.

Today has been a perfect Saturday so far. The step-dot and I went to the market - we ate Chinese food on the broad steps, we schmoozed, we sampled, we bought fat-back ribs and lamb stew meat and cox's pippins and pears. We wandered over to a church on Inglis because I'd heard a rug-hooking show was opening last night - nope - not til sunday so we'll wait - no big deal. We went into old neighborhoods and looked at what was going on. We listened to step-dot's new Emily Autumn cd and talked about her and what a strange and wondrous artist she is. We connected and as the step-dot is really the love of my life - it was good. Then we sauntered home (can you saunter in a car - yes you can!) and I read the newspaper on the couch. Then I did some counter cleaning and de-cluttering which was DEEPLY satisfying. I walked the dog for almost an hour and really enjoyed it although we didn't go back in the snowy icy woods but stuck to the road. I noticed the strange deep hues of the low clouds - an intense deep blue that one would never think of in connection to a grey January day but there it was and bits of light coming through and some birds here and there - though they are shockingly low in numbers these last few years.

Then I did some writing on Sojourner and now I'm heading upstairs to sit for awhile. After that, the sweet patootie and I are going to friends for dinner. How nice is that?!

Like I said - a perfect FAT Saturday.


Galen Kindley--Author said...

Wow, you DO know how to enjoy a Saturday. Watching you brings to mind the old saying,"(Fill in the blank) is what you make it." You made yours enjoyable, productive and peaceful. Can't beat that.

Best Regards, Galen.
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Sounds like an idyllic Saturday. But like Galen says, that is because you made it that way. It could have remained just another Saturday for a different person.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Galen and Rayna - I'll take those strokes! I'm a tad worse for wear this morning because I indulged in lemoncello cocktails last night at our friends'! And I'm not used to having too much to drink anymore. Back on the wagon I go... We did have a wonderful time!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love Saturdays. Yours sounds divine.