Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day seven and the discipline has gone bye bye! Today was overwhelming for some reason - I got up early and put a brisket in the new slow cooker. Because that took a bit of jigging, my deario took my doggio for a walk. I went into town and saw clients and my pal Arlo and picked up wool with my gift certificate and saw more clients and read two readers digests in my office! I didn't work on any book, I didn't walk and I haven't sat yet. It's bed time, the brisket was delish and I've spent time on the phone talking to new clients and you know what - I'm going to do one out of three today. I'm going to go upstairs and sit in front of my shrine and possibly forgive my imperfections.

Oh and I ate a frozen chocolate dessert that a dear friend made for my birthday and I hadn't quite eaten yet. Riven with guilt. I did do some hugging and kissing and perhaps I exercised my inner cowgirl.

How about you all - a week into the new year?


Elspeth Antonelli said...

Where am I a week into the New Year? My WiP is progressing. I've given myself a deadline. My house is no longer Christmassy but is due for a big clean. I'm not big on the big clean. Guess how this will play out.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I have days where nothing that I *planned* to accomplish got accomplished...but they're still pretty nice days. The Readers' Digests and the chocolate and the brisket sound good. :)

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Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

There are simply some days when life is beyond your control and the only thing you can do is go with the flow - and eat chocolate:)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm on a roll, I wrote about it in my post today.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Elspeth - gotcha! I'm big on the big clean but only when it strikes. I really like the clean house, it makes me feel less crazy.
Elizabeth - yep if I'm going to fall - chocolate is where I want to land.
Jane - that is exactly it! I've now had two days of out of control - think I'll regain some of it this weekend. I will definitely sit and walk today - still not sure about the writing.
Elizabeth B - oooh, I'm jealous but I'll get over it! I'm going to go visit you all now!

Helen Ginger said...

It sounds to me like you had a pretty good day and got quite a bit accomplished.

I'm already falling behind in some areas, but ahead in others. Christmas is packed away and I actually got the downstairs floors vacuumed, mopped and waxed - a big thing for one who abhors housework.

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Jan Morrison said...

Helen - I packed Christmas away last week, the tree and the dolly shrine too. Today I took my gal to the market where we had our usual(thanks to the step-parenting gods) wonderful time. Then I started clearing the counters in the kitchen. My one is most freaked out about the clutter on them but perplexingly unable to do anything about it. So I did! He is now happy. Not queer as folks!
I just walked the beast - a nice long walk and now the sun is shining a bit. How I long for it! Time to get to work on one or another book.

Jan Morrison said...

The expression is 'nowt queer as folks' - lost a w.

Stacy Post said...

Jan, I try not to set the bar too high in January. If I can pick up the pre-holiday flow, then I feel pretty good. This week, I was able to write a decent amount, so I feel good. But we're only nine days into it. I usually falter around day twenty or so. Brisket sounds de-lish! YUM!