Sunday, November 8, 2009

too much to do...

Today there is too much to do. I've already written one thousand words on Earth Bound and want to get at least another thousand in. I need 13,000 and change to be where I am supposed to be! Argghh!

I have started knitting a hat for my step-dot from a pattern! Gadzooks! I feel the same way about knitting patterns that I did about going to school - just give me the basics and leave me be! But it is good for my brain and also - it does look good and I have to say that it is heartening knowing that if I just follow the damn instructions it has a good chance of looking like the picture AND fitting her head.

I wanted to try and sort out the garden and yard but it is a cold drizzle outside and unless that changes - I ain't gonna go there. I have to walk the dog - probably not in the woods but we'll see.

Our dear bud, Annie, is coming for a family dinner. We call it a 'family dinner' because there won't be anything high falutin about it. Potatoes and onions cooked with a smoked fish from Ron, fresh fresh haddock lightly fried in butter from me, maybe a ratouille (yep I still have zukes to eat) and the gang minus me can have ice cream with boozey fruit on top. Yum Yum! Jake isn't here yet - it has been nice to have the girly-girl on her own but I'm anxious to see how he survived the flu. He'll be here tomorrow.

So dear readers - when you feel overwhelmed with what you should do and what you will do - well, what do you do? I wish I had a house boss right now. She'd say, "Walk the dog at least Morrison! And rake that mess in front drizzle or no drizzle. What a sight!"

And I'd probably tell her to take a leap so there ya go.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Mm, you said boozey fruit.

Liz in PA said...

Ah Ha~~~~ Spunky Attitude - Yep, that's the

Jan Morrison said...

Elizabeth - I think I have a recipe for boozey fruit on my site...check out recipes? After I post this I'll try and find it. Rumtopf to some, Tutti Fruiti in the Joy...boozey fruit to us!
It's late - the dinner was fun. Annie brought a dessert I could eat - a sort of apple sauce gelatin with walnuts - really good! I got my words done or at least a good chunk, the dog walked, and I'm finishing one ear flap of the hat and it is BEAUTIFUL - I'm so pleased. I'll get her to model it when it is done. No yard work. OY!
Liz - I did a blog about a year ago on spunky heroines...hmm....