Monday, November 9, 2009

Jackmo the beautiful

isn't he too beautiful. His flight feathers are coming in an irridescent green and blue which makes him Crow's baby we think - John Wayne was a barred rock and Crow is an australorp. Note also (says the proud grandma) the feathers on his head are much lighter. He is a beaut and starting to crow like mad. His sister - Miss. Prissy - is shy and subservient but we think she'll come into her own soon enough.
Today I am working on my govt. project "Beyond the Pail" we call it. I'll work this morning with little knitting breaks to finish step-dots hat. I only have the ears to do - it is a grown-up version of a Kitty hat~! I'm exceptionally pleased with it and the fact that I managed to follow instructions.


Helen Ginger said...

He is beautiful and you can tell he knows it, the way he stood for his picture.

I admire anyone who can knit. I have tried. I cannot.

Straight From Hel

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

He's gorgeous. Does his crowing bother you? Is it at dawn?

Mystery Writing is Murder

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm crazy about chickens (and the fresh eggs they produce), and especially admire the roosters, but have never had any myself. I used to crochet but forgot how to knit about twenty minutes after my French-Canadian grandmother taught me. She was an artist with yarn. I love that nickname, step-dot!

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Goils! - He is just learning to crow but if he is like his dad he will commence to crowing at 4 in the morning. I like it and I no longer care if others don't. They never ask me if I like them roaring up and down the paths in their infernal machines or We did have the animal guy come out because someone made a noise complaint with John Wayne (the dad) but he heard him and asked "Is that it?" My SP said "I assure you that he doesn't hold back anything on any of his crows" and gave him an egg. We never heard anything after that but alas alack poor John went to freezer camp as he was a big meany! I am trying to handle Jackmo as much as possible. (yet another thing to feel guilty about - yikes)
I learned to knit just a few years ago - my ma taught me when I was a wee girl but it didn't stick. I crocheted for years but I must admit, I'm a happy convert. I will be posting the picture shortly - I finished it and I LOVE it! And Helen - no one would ever think that I could knit - I really have a big problem with instructions as stated - but I find it such a soothing practice and also I thought it might help with general brain dullness that comes with not having to figure anything mathematical out. You know!