Saturday, November 7, 2009


Oh alright, I'll fess up if you haven't figured it out already. I signed up for NaNoWriMo along with my step-dot. I have the rebel badge because I already had a few pages done before I signed up. That means that technically at National Novel Writing Month headquarters I am doing a no-no but the thing is about this weird and whacky crew - they really don't care! No one checks your homework. I liken it to a big bunch of folks who want to run or walk a marathon. They meet on the same day and off they go. Being a winner is finishing on time but it isn't really finishing unless you're doing a YA novel (young adult) because crossing the finish line and getting to call yourself a winner is having 50 thousand words done by midnight on the thirtieth. I'm a bit behind because I wasn't thinking I'd join but then I did. It's fun and gives me another motivater. I've done my thousand for today but I'll probably try and do another thousand or even two and the same tomorrow for I'm a bit behind.

I haven't lost sight of the novel in all of this of course. The other purpose of writing madly for one month is that it silences the editor. I just tell him (yep, mine's a him - it's my inner Dad if you must know) that I'll have a nice fat juicy manuscript for him to go at next month. Right now I just want to fly at it. I have all these new delicious people who have stuff to tell me and I'm receiving it as fast as I can. I have lots to find out about - more questions for an RCMP officer about juristictions and all that, lots to find out about gardening, about cheese making, retoration work, oriental artifacts and sculpting. Yay!

I'm not only writing today - the step-dot and I went to the market and then shopping at vintage shops. Very fun! We came home and I helped her dye a beret we found, a deep cherry red. Then I took Hoagy for a walk in the woods hoping no crazed coyotes eat us. Not yet! But they, like the swine flu are out there lurking. I can feel it. If a coyote gets me or a tree falls on me please don't feel bad. I'll have died happy I assure you. The photos today are from the walk. It looks gloomy but it wasn't. Just snowy and wet and fun really.


Helen Ginger said...

I love the pictures. It's been years since I saw snow. I am totally envious. Mind you, I want to see it and maybe play in it, but I'm happy not having to live in it all winter.

How many words did you write in that post? If you get behind, add them to your count.

Straight From Hel

Jan Morrison said...

Nah, I'm a rebel but not a cheater! I just did another thousand or so anyway. I'll be caught up by the end of the weekend.
I like having four seasons but I'd like it better if I could escape it when it got tedious. It's alright now but come the end of February when it is still ice and snow - well phooey, I'll be coming to stay with you Helen!

Liz in PA said...

Really Jan~ Be careful of the "crazed coyotes", I read the terrible attack on the poor gal that lost her life to them in our local newspaper. Very scary. We have them here too.....I've only seen a few now and then running way off across the field behind my house and into the dense woods.
But many nights we can hear them howling.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Here in Southern California we have our share of coyotes. I've heard of them attacking wild life and dogs, and even small children, but not adults. Scary! I hear them at night. Thank goodness our yard is coyote proof.

Jan Morrison said...

Coyotes are known to be quite shy of humans. I'm not generally scared of them although the death of the young woman in Cape Breton, days after we were walking in the same general area was sobering. I am always scared of bears though and make lots of sound when I'm in the woods with dear Hoagy. Coyotes here are larger than the western coyote - more like a small german shepherd in size whereas western ones are much shorter and thinner. I love to see them and hear them. But I'll try and be careful (how does one do that I wonder?) Reminds me of the sign I saw on the door of a building downtown - "Careful, men working above!" How? Cringe through the door- eyes peeled above for possible falling workman?