Friday, November 6, 2009

it snows!

I woke early, before five, and couldn't go back to sleep so I slipped downstairs in my nightie and dressing gown, my book in hand. I curled up on the couch with an afghan and continued to read the facinating book The Mitfords, Letters Between Six Sisters. These six sisters born between 1904 and 1920 weave an incredible account of the last century. Three of them were quite active as writers and between them all they met (and obsessed) about the political figures of the day. It is like reading a big gossip fest.

When it became six I went back upstairs where SP was getting dressed in the dark. I looked out the window and realized it was snowing and had been for awhile. Like the Queen, I am not amused. It is tooooooo soon.

SP made me a lovely fire, the step-dot arose by 6:30. She thinks it will only be her and one other guy in her class as the rest are fluing. I am so glad to have her early - she is so squeezable. I told her about the book and showed her some of the many pictures. Then she left and then SP left and I am to get down to my work. I am working today on the govt. stuff plus I intend to put in some time on my novel. But I do long to just lie on the couch sipping cinnamon tea and reading about the cost of dresses in Paris and the horrors of having Evelyn Waugh come for dinner.

This is me at 12 reading while on vacation in Mexico


Helen Ginger said...

I hate to admit it, but I think snow, roaring fire, cinnamon tea and a fascinating book would win out over work. Which explains why I'm behind on work (and I don't have snow, a fire or cinnamon tea).

Straight From Hel

Elizabeth Bradley said...

All that sounds wonderful but I'd have to switch the tea to coffee. Have a great day!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I have to find this book! The Mitfords were a fascinating bunch.