Thursday, October 15, 2009

Plot & Structure

one of the gazillion Mary statues at St. Ann's in Church Point
and I want all you people to recognize that I did not put a caption on it. I restrained myself. I'm trying to be better. I am.
This week has been tough time wise - lots of work in town but spaced out so I have long hours between appointments. Today I put some of that to good use - I had borrowed a book from the library a few months ago - Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell and I liked it. So yesterday I bought it and today I worked on my novel. I'm definitely not a pre-planner - I'm a NOP (no outline person) but I agree with James that adding a bit of the other to my work style can't but be helpful. So I started with an approach from David Morrell (Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing). I wrote myself a letter that I will add to daily as I start this novel. I am also using the mythic journey as a guideline. I've already discovered some things about the town and the dilemma that should be good. Now to find some time to do my 1,000 a day. I guess I'll just make a time and hit it!
the Roseway River near Birchtown

the apothocary chest at Port Royal

the fur trading building at Port Royal

By the way, on Saturday I will have stuck with this healthy diet for four weeks. I've lost a bit over ten pounds which is nice - I have more energy but still am pretty stuffed up, sneezy and coughy. The trouble is that stuff usually ends about now or as soon as we have a few good frosts anyway so...what the heck - I'll still do it for three more months. If I can get through a wonderful trip away, a murder mystery weekend and Thanksgiving, how hard can the rest be? DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION PEOPLES!


Elspeth Antonelli said...

I cannot imagine writing a novel without an outline. I would never finish! Good for you that you can! Even thinking about it makes me shudder.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I guess you fly by the seat of your pants. Not all that unusual. I started a gluten-free diet about three weeks ago, (for health reasons), and it hasn't been all that difficult. Thanksgiving is ahead of me, I am already checking out gluten-free recipes. Even pie crust!

Anonymous said...

a thousand words a day?

lets see, that's lke 4 pages?

Jan Morrison said...

yep - so in 90 days I'd have a workable first draft. But I haven't begun yet because instead I taught myself to knit moebiusly (is that a word??) and tonight we are all (man and step-teens) going to Nocturne which is a fabulous art festival in Halifax where all the galleries stay open til midnight and there are installments all over the place and free busses with musicians on them and altogether a heavenly atmosphere. We've each picked one thingy we're mad to see and we'll fill in the rest as it goes! We'll even take the ferry to Dartmouth to see arial artists perform and how fun is that??? so my art will wait patiently in the corner sucking its thumb hoping against hope that I will turn its way! Man oh man mobius knitting rocks!