Wednesday, October 14, 2009

writer's life

Today's post is on the nature of time. I am full of beans - think this diet is working finally and feel my energy returning. I walked Hoagy at a good brisk trot and came back to check email, eat my weird breakfast with the notion of getting out the door by nine. That part has to happen. I read Elizabeth's post (Writing is Murder) and thought about the fact that I need to get this thing out to more publishers. Or agents. I go back and forth with this. I'm told that I don't need an agent in Canada but many of the publishers (including now Midnight Ink) require it. They are hard to come by in Canada and I really wanted this to be a fairly Canadian project since my plan is to write several in this series based in some of the fantastic spots in Atlantic Canada. I just finished Louise Penny's Still Life and I thought it was pretty good. Her series is set in a small town in Quebec. She has an English agent and that may be because she won the Crime Writers' Association New Blood Dagger Award - a British association. Her agent will take a look at unsolicited manuscripts. So I will give her a try.

As for writing, well dear readers, yesterday when Gwen was here I started ANOTHER novel. It is a Kitty MacDonald but it is set in Annapolis Royal. I'm pretty pumped about it actually. I thought I should get at it while all the locations were so vividly in my mind. I include a couple of photos from where the crimes occur!
Now it is a bit past nine and I have to fly outa here!


Rayna M. Iyer said...

I just love your 'I am happy because I want to be happy' posts.
Love you too, but that is a different thing!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Good for you. I love that picture of the flower.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Rayna! I try not to get too victimy in these posts for two reasons - I don't want to be and I'm not (that's one) and my Dad reads these and he takes what I say far too literally! And I adore you too and feel right some proud, as they say around here, to have a buddy living on a continent I haven't been to!
Thanks Elizabeth! I really am fond of that pic taken in the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. (That is a clue!) I was telling Ron while we were there how much I like the wabi sabi of decaying fall flowers so I was happy to capture it.

Tom Bailey said...

From what I have read here you should do well with your novel.

Anonymous said...


where did you get that green man?
He is amazing..

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Tom - I loves a note of confidence!
Denise - it was imprinted on a small cannon type thing at Fort Anne (a historical site in Annapolis royal). I think Ron called it a munition but he is snoring on the couch after dinner so I darens't wake him. I love that word darens't don't you? Any hoo - I love the figure too though I didn't think of him as a green man but more as some sort of devil. hmmm.... I'll look it up!