Saturday, October 17, 2009

knitting moebiusly

I knew it would happen. Every summer I think - ah phooey - I am not a real knitter. I'd rather garden and read books and write and cook. Then it gets a bit crisp out and the colours I love most in the world appear at the end of trees and out come the needles and the stash and oh oh! Last year it was hats. This year it may be knitting moebius thingys. I got Cat Bordhi's second book of magical knitting out of the library then I took it back because I couldn't figure it out and I needed things I didn't have (really long circular needles) and besides it wasn't quite time yet. Yesterday I bought the needles and some wool - but the book wasn't available at the library and no one seemed to have it so I came home and hit the sauce. Nah! I can't have sauce remember? So instead I googled it and found a utube demonstration by Cat and by gum I got her figured. I just bound off an enormously long moebius scarf in rust and dark green. I may try felting it - it is Cascade so will felt beautiFULLy. And I'm thinking of other projects but I have to wait until I get the book again. I want to make these delicious looking little pots that look like fairies made them - all mossy. Yep.
Tonight, the man and the sullen ones are coming out with me to Nocturne when Halifax decides art is more important than sleep. We will see outrageous video projections and hear weird music and ride the bus for free and go into galleries at 11 pm and generally take part in a city rite that so suits my very soul. I can't wait. I'll wear my mobius scarf I think!
Here's the man - he's making dinner. I'll help. bye bye.


Anonymous said...


so show us the scarf!!
Gotta love U tube - it's the rosetta stone of knitting i say.

Stacy Post said...

I'd love to see what you're knitting. I too, love YouTube. I found piano lessons for those who learn by ear there! Have fun on your excursions.