Sunday, October 18, 2009

mobius knitting

so...I had a long scarf but I wanted more! I picked up stiches all around the edge thinking that I could than knit a tube with the mobius band attached at the beginning but I don't think so...just more mobius activity. I want you to notice that there is just one edge. So I'm now knitting green on what appears to be one side but it is showing up on two edges. Why? Because there is only one edge no matter what your brain tells you. Next year I'm going to go to Nocturne with a mobius sidewalk that I'll knit from some kind of heavy duty cable on huge circular needles. If knit is knit why aren't needles Kneedles????
later my intrepid readers.
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Liz in PA said...

Jan~ You are a Knit Whit!!
"If knit is knit why aren't needles Kneedles????"
I think your knitting w/round needles looks like it could be a Christmas Wreath! You could add shiny balls and sequins - just stitch them on w/needle and thread!

Jan Morrison said...

Yah, nah...not so much because dear Liz - when I take it off the needles it is a very long twisted loop. The cord on the needles is doubled. So I'm going to keep knitting a bit longer. I'm doing a seed stich now and the good thing as there is only one edge to a mobius strip I can make the whole thing uncurl this way. It is so darn weird!