Sunday, October 18, 2009


we walked down to Barrington street

they were writing on the walls in light...

there were two girls wearing bits of shoes in

another window...

and best of all there was a surf pounding on

the shore on two sides of the street

inside large buildings. We could see them and

here them but alas not feel

the salt spray.

we had endless fun with the kids. Jake was in a Parkour frame of mind, leaping up on any barrier, never walking on the ground if there was a railing or wall to take and swinging on every pole or shimmying up to the top to look out for more. He was his own Nocturne installation. Sarah and I were giddy because for the third time in one day we'd seen the same couple - the man, darkly handsome and wearing a black beret which Sarah coveted, the woman casual and intelligent looking. We'd seem coming out of the market in the morning and later on at the fabric store and now at one of the exhibits. Sarah thinks they may be the French police after her for some infraction or another. I'm not sure. I think they are our minds' longing - a geist of some sort or a meme.
Ron was happy ranging and looking especially at his friends - John and Nancy Little, who had a most wonderful installation going with lots of helpers - a series of forges set up at Pier 21 in the parking lot making iron shapes to become a musical instrument of monstorous and heavenly proportion.
And I took pictures - my challenge being to only use available light. I will try and upload some more though it is difficult! I think I will do a series of postings to make it easier. Picassa is making my ART so much harder!

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Rayna M. Iyer said...

Beautiful doesn't start to cover it, Jan. Love the photographs and the accompanying text.