Friday, September 4, 2009

to speak of many things...

Oh today will be complicated - I have many things to speak of. I will try and be orderly and I will be posting throughout the day as promised.

Today is the mostly last day of my revisions on The Rock Walker. I will be sending a copy electronically to my writing pal who is off to Banff tomorrow for a writing retreat! She will have six hours on planes and in airports and told me she is willing to do a line edit, a close edit, a language edit, a freaking anal obsessive compulsive edit for me. In turn about, I am going to do her query and synopsis for her YA that is ready to go. I'm good at that and she's good at the editing so I best make sure it is done today.

Also, I've taken an oath to eat local today. That is so arbitrary however, as I've had coffee this morning. It is obviously not locally grown but it is locally roasted so it will have to do. I cannot NOT have coffee today. I will eat a breakfast of our own eggs and cukes and green tomatoes and local peaches. hmm...sounds weird but I'll make it nice I'm sure. Then we'll just suss out the rest of the day. I wanted Sweet Patootie's bread but the wheat isn't grown here, the sugar isn't grown here, the yeast isn't and the salt is not found here so that's a bust.

Thirdly, last night we went to our friend Annie's for dinner and what a delightful treat it was! The conversation was scintillating, the mojitos delish and the food divine! A menu follows as it was so well thought out and scrumptious:
bruchettas with fresh tomatoes and basil
bruchettas with horseradish bean pate
watermelon, feta and mint salad
grilled halibut
grilled potatoes and tiny eggplants
grilled peaches with a plum yoghurt sauce
cafe latte
As well, Annie's sister told us about an elderly pal of hers in Florida (last known age - 103) who when asked what he attributed his longevity, said he wrote a letter or a note a day and mailed it!
So, some of us are going to start that practice.
Gwen is here and we're all set with coffee and connections so I must get to it! Talk to you later...

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Watery Tart said...

I hope you get your work set in time and the edit goes smoothly! It's wonderful that you have a friend to trade all that with. I have an extremely helpful micro-editor friend, but we could use a querier in our circle!

And that dinner sounds fabulous--though a watermelon, feta, mint salad NEVER would have occurred to me...