Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how I spent my summer vacation...

My glorious summer vacation started around 12:30 pm yesterday, August 31st and ended today at about 7:30 pm so it was a trifle longer than usual but not much. I finished with my last and only client of the day in town, delivered a camera to Arlo so he could take it on his vacation and skeddadled out of town. I skeddadled - I did not dawdle or linger or mosey. No, I scooted, I sashayed, I flew down the highway. I got off at the Mahone Bay exit as is traditional during my vacation and went to the market there to get peaches, bread stick, goat cheese and some ginger. Then I went and had a sandwich (a peace burger it was called but I'm not sure why - no meat maybe) and watched ducks in the bay. Then I dropped in at the liquor store where a poor lonely lady there asked me several bajillion times if I needed help. I did not. I got a bottle of French wine that celebrated the Acadians. I thought that was nice but really it was the description ( a hint of cherry always gets me). Then I drove up to Blockhouse noting all the houses for sale and back onto the highway and drove four more exits. I got off at Italy Cross and zoomed down the gorgeoso road that winds along the rushing sparkling river to Green Bay. Not the packer place you understand but the beautiful one where the MacLeod Cottages are. There I drove over the brand new (thank you Hurricaine Bill) stone causeway and up the the path to Blueberry Hill where my best bud was waiting for me - and we did it all - we played scrabble twice (she won one and I won one), Last night we had a fire and drank wine and yakked until we fell asleep.

we walked up to Petite to go second-hand clothing shopping and to talk to the cows.

On the way back I had a special communion with a huge blue dragonfly. We went to the canteen and had the best lobster chowder on the planet and I had a big thick chocolate milkshake. We also met a gold and black ladybug. My god she was a beaut of a bug! We went to the beach and toasted for a very short while and so on and so forth.

Oh it was so good.


Liz in PA said...

I just know you had a GRAND TIME!
I can feel it in your postings!
Wonderful Holiday for you and your
best friend!
....I am almost in envy of the
glorious ocean pics!
....Ahhh....the breathing of the
os so fresh clean air!

Anonymous said...

I love talking to cows, they take such a while to answer..carefully considering their words..

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

These are wonderful pictures! And...a beach with no people? These exist? How wonderful!

Mystery Writing is Murder

LABANAN said...

Hi Goils! Yep, beaches without people. That's what we've got here in beautiful Nova Scotia...and talking cows too. You mean the cows don't talk where you're from Grrl? Jeesh, the stories you've missed! Why one the other day was telling me...oh I have to go now. Do the dishes. I'm home, not on vacation. rats.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

It sounds like you had a great time, maybe next year you should take two vacations, one early in the season, one late. Do you do winter vacations also? Bet it’s equally as pretty there under a snowfall. My take is you can’t have enough vacations.

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

LABANAN said...

you are sooooo right Galen! I do take several vacations and they are mostly of the short variety. Next week I'm going on what us therapists (day job) call a 'field trip'. That is I'm going to spend a week in the bosom of my family. I will fly to Ottawa, meet my sis and we will travel by car to London, ON AVOIDING Toronto which is very hard to do and takes up a lot of time but nothing is as important as avoiding driving in Toronto. Then my other sibling, my bro and his wife will meet us and we will all fete my Dad who is approaching 85. Lots of surprise kids will show up and my step-ma's kids and grandkids. We will eat too much and play lots of games. I'm really looking forward to it although I am sure it will have its moments! Hi Dad - just kidding! As long as we can stay off politics no injuries will happen.